What Others Say About Bill Terrell

“…a competent writer…and then some…”

Bill Terrell has proven himself over and over to be a competent writer, and then some. In addition, he’s the guy who teaches others how to do it and also edits their work to a fine shine.

Pat McCord

Author and copywriter

“…cares about others…”

Bill cares about others and is a good listener

Jeanne Valentine

Librarian: Plano, Illinois

“…analyzes situations from different angles…”

Bill analyzes situations from different angles before presenting his ideas to others. He listens to varying opinions and internalizes them before presenting his own views.

Bonnie Hall

Administrative Assistant, America’s Best Flowers

“…very bright…”

Bill is analytical and thoughtful…and very bright

Robert Hall

Retired association executive and writer

“…takes time to ponder an idea before he reacts…”

Bill takes time to ponder an idea before he reacts or speaks about something. He’s a good friend who would help people if they needed help he could give.

Margaret Uguroglu, Ph.D

Research Consultant (Retired)

“Bill…keeps things in proportion.”

Bill is prudent with a good sense of humor. He keeps things in proportion

Chuck Johanns

Vice President, retired, Kemper Insurance

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